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Kaufland Bulgaria EOOD & Co KD
Kaufland Bulgaria is a part of the big European family of the Group. The company was established in Germany and belongs to the leading commercial chains in Europe. The product range of Kaufland is distinguished by the rich variety of quality products at low prices, extreme freshness and excellent service.
 Kaufland Bulgaria was awarded the prize Superbrands in the Trade sector for 2012-2013.


Sopharma AD
Sopharma AD is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Bulgaria, renowned for the development of high quality medicinal products. 75 YEARS OF TRADITION AND MODERNITY – modern production, European standards and quality of production, corporate social responsibility. Sopharma AD established itself as a company that has proved its economic, production and intellectual potential which allowed it to become a determining factor on pharmaceutical markets. With its 75 years of history Sopharma today is a symbol of Bulgarian success.

Sopharma Trading AD
Sopharma Trading AD, a part of Sopharma Group is a leading distributor of medicinal products, medical consumables, sanitary and hygienic materials, vitamins, food supplements and cosmetics.
 On 21.09.2004 the company received a quality management certificate ISO 9001:2000 for distribution of medicinal products in compliance with the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) requirements, issued by Germanischer Lloyd Certification.

Health Insurance Fund MEDICO-21
HIF Medico-21 AD is a joint-stock company with objects of activity voluntary health insurance as per License No. 1/2003 of the Financial Supervision Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria.
HIF Medico-21 AD is a subsidiary and successor of Health Insurance Fund Zdrave AD.
HIF Medico-21 AD has its specific mission, key priorities and highlights as one of the stable players with an independent segment of the health insurance services market in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
HIF Medico-21 AD performs all forms of health insurance– individual, family, and group (corporate) voluntary health insurance.
 HIF Medico-21 AD negotiates health insurance according to a specific procedure (a contracting algorithm) depending on the form of health insurance.
The DoppelHerz brand has a long tradition and symbolizes the strength of two hearts. The company was established in the far 1897 in Hamburg, Germany by the pharmacist Alfred Queisser.
DoppelHerz products undergo continuous quality control during the entire production process which is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice).
 The German products DoppelHerz offer large variety and combination of high quality vitamins, minerals and specialized active ingredients ensuring active and healthy lifestyle.
DoppelHerz has an important contribution to the prevention of socially important diseases and the maintenance of good health. The key priorities are:
• prophylaxis and overall protection of the organism
• support of the function of the heart, blood vessels and blood production
• eye health care
• locomotor system – muscles, joints and bones
• support of the activity of the nervous system
• care for the mother-to-be and the proper development of children
• energy, capability to work and immunity
• health and beauty
The DoppelHerz products are produced on the basis of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and microelements. It is important to note that maintaining socially affordable prices is a key objective in the company policy.
 For over 100 years already the name Queisser Pharma has been a synonym for guaranteed German quality, safety and efficiency for the consumer.

For over fifty years already the Protefix® brand has been a symbol for quality and reliability among the products for fixing and cleaning of dentures and orthodontic devices.
It guarantees the highest possible safety and comfort for the consumer and a full range of products for individual solutions.
 The research department of Protefix® has also a quality control system which guarantees the high quality of all products under the Protefix® brand.
 All products under the Protefix® brand bear a sign for controlled quality, good tolerability and excellent functionality.

Mirta Medicus EOOD
Mirta Medicus EOOD is a young, dynamic, flexible and highly technological company, with extremely high quality of production and strict production control. It is specialized in the production of plant extracts with therapeutic properties, bioactive foods, food supplements and products. Our production base is located in the town of Bansko –village of Banya, Municipality of Razlog.
 Our partners and consultants are business, PR, advertising and medical science representatives with proved qualities. We are the main organizers of the reputable exhibition for natural products, technologies and know-how “The Alley of Health” which was already twice traditionally held at the National Palace of Culture - Sofia.
Boehringer Ingelheim GmBH:
The Boehringer Ingelheim Group is one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies. With its seat in Ingelheim, Germany it operates on an international level with its 145 representative offices and over 44 000 employees. Since its establishment in 1885 the family-owned company investigates, develops, manufactures and offers on the market products with high therapeutic value for the human and veterinarian medicine.

Kendy Pharma
Kendy Pharma is a company specialized in the development, production and commercialization of food supplements under the form of effervescent tablets, capsules and other tablet formulations.

Among the leading and established products on the Bulgarian market are Stabiflex, SupraVit, Lactoflor, Osteoactive.

Montavit Bulgaria
Established on 16 November 1945 by Daniel Svarovski and Dr. Alfred Frohlich with Dr. Albin Mayer as an operations manager.
For these 65 years the international business of Montavit has been involved with the production of medicines and products related to health. We are interested in the long-term and successful development of our business, to keep our independence as a family company. For this reason sustainability is a substantial feature of our business management. We have strong products for the home which stimulate the loyalty of customers to our products.
Bausch + Lomb Pharmaceuticals
Bausch + Lomb Pharmaceuticals is a leading manufacturer of ophthalmologic products. Bausch + Lomb develops and market prescription and over-the-counter medicinal products used for treatment of a wide spectrum of ophthalmologic diseases. Therefore, Bausch + Lomb mainly accentuates on the food supplements, in particular for preservation of vision, treatment of age-related macular degeneration, “dry eye” treatment, allergies and eye inflammations, non-specific conjunctivitis, as well for treatment of glaucoma. With over 100 different products in different types, sizes and packages, Bausch + Lomb has one of the most broadest ranges of ophthalmologic products.

Vitagold is a company dealing with development and production of innovative HEALTH products.
Vitagold is an aggressive marketing company which has succeeded for the last 3 years to take leading positions on the Bulgarian food supplements market. The company is a leader in sales growth for 2008 and ranks second in market share.
 Тhe products are made by licensed GMP manufacturers and contain natural ingredients of the highest quality. The substances are developments of leading companies in the field. Cognis GmbH, Val de Vire Bioactives, Bio Serae Laboratoires S.A, Sabinsa Corporation, Omega Ingredients Ltd, PPC Hasko-Lek S.A, Agera Pharma AG are only a part of the companies partnering with Vitagold in product development.
Vitagold is a company for which the customer is of primary importance. Taking into account the standard of living in Bulgaria, the company offers its production at extremely competitive prices.

US Pharmacia
US Pharmacia is a company No. 1 on the Polish market for over-the-counter medical products and No. 5 on the European market. Our mission is to provide possibly the best products for improvement of health, welfare and life of our customers, to enhance the social awareness for responsible and effective use of drugs. Our principle is to sell products only with the best therapeutic quality.



The leader of phytotherapeutic supplements on the Italian market. The name Aboca is related to the location of the company in Valtiberina Toscana (a region known for herb production since the XIII century). According to the etymology of the word “Aboca” comes from the purging properties of the herb „Camepizio”, pronounced as “Abiga".
 The company has two centers, with total area over 170 000 sq.m. and over 300 employees.
 Since 1978 Aboca produces food supplements based on curing plants which have been tested and effective, 100% natural and bio-certified.  Aboca strives to provide modern consumers the most natural, safest and most effective plant products, combining tradition, technology and innovations.

Jamieson Laboratories

Jamieson Laboratories was established in 1922 by Claire Jamieson in Canada. The company is one of the oldest and biggest manufacturers and distributors of natural vitamins, minerals and food supplements. A leader that has won its positions through continuous provision of new products with the highest quality and purity.
 Jamieson distributes its products in over 50 countries all over the world. For 85 years the company has succeeded to establish the name Jamieson on the market and turn into a recognized Canadian manufacturer. The trademark Jamieson is associated with the best products on the market – 225 kinds of quality vitamins, minerals and plant ingredients plus more than 50 unique formulas stimulating the vitality and health of people of all ages.

BOIRON was established as an independent family pharmaceutical laboratory in 1932, presently a joint-stock company with a seat in the area of the city of Lion, France. In 1926 Dr. Vanier established in France the French Homeopathic Laboratories.
 The company BOIRON is comprised of people united by an important project on human health based on the development of homeopathy in the world.
 Presently the company is the biggest world manufacturer of homeopathic medicinal products.
Boiron Laboratories have 5 industrial production sites, 18 subsidiaries worldwide and 4000 assistants work for them.
 Boiron Laboratories are a standard in the implementation of the Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practice (GMP and GDP).
The homeopathic medicines produced by Boiron are provided on the market of over 80 countries worldwide.
BIODERMA is a dermocosmetic company established in 1977 in France. Our products are different. Their biological mechanism of action is inspired by the natural mechanisms of the skin and imitates them. We select the purest natural ingredients and prefer those which are naturally present in the skin: thus we create our products.
The name BIODERMA is the crossing point between BIOlogy and DERMAtology – this is a new approach in the development of products for the skin.

Mustela® is a part of Expanscience laboratories.
Since its establishment in 1950 Mustela® has been developing skin care products combining the strictest requirements for naturalness of the ingredients, quality, safety, efficacy and satisfaction from use.
 The priorities of Mustela®:
 1. Gained experience and know-how in dermatology through close cooperation with the professionals from the field of healthcare
2. Strategy based on innovation and continuous development
3. Guaranteed safety and efficacy
4. Turning the concept of natural origin of ingredients into first priority
5. Unique pleasure for senses
6. An assistant to parents and professionals from the field of healthcare since generations
7. Commitment to social responsibility
Vichy is a dermocosmetic brand offered in pharmacies, with long-term traditions in the health and beauty of the skin. Since its establishment in 1931 in France, Vichy has been helping women worldwide to take care of their beauty, regardless of age and skin type. Each skin, without exception, may be transformed to reach its ideal beauty. The skin care products of Vichy help women to transform their skin, even the sensitive one, immediately and long-lasting. The results are visible and scientifically proven, combining innovative active ingredients with thermal spa water Vichy – the water for beautiful skin recognized for its unique mineral composition and the soothing, stabilizing and regenerating properties.


                                               With over 30 years of experience in research and 25 patents, La Roche-Posay is a leading brand in the development of products formulated for sensitive skin and provide good tolerability and safety.

                                              Walmark is a Czech company that thanks to the respect, loyalty and popularity among consumers is the most sought after producer of nutritional supplements in Central and Eastern Europe, so exports its products to many European countries and worldwide.

​      Abo Pharma
                                            ABO Pharma GmbH was founded in 1996 by Hubertus Bonk. Its main goal has always been - the creation of high-quality nutritional supplements and their distribution. The accumulated extensive experience over the years and good personal relationships are the foundation of successful business of the company, which exports its high quality products to over 20 countries worldwide.

                                           Fortex nutraceutical is in the list of leading companies producing dietary supplements and medical cosmetics in Bulgaria. The company offers natural products with controlled and guaranteed quality at prices consistent with the possibilities of Bulgarian consumers. The aim of the team is to continue to provide at the Bulgarian market innovative solutions and develop its portfolio so as to meet the ever increasing customer requirements, while maintaining traditional quality.

                   ARO LIFE
                                            Aromania is a young company for the development and marketing of dietary supplements. Subordinate to the understanding of responsibility towards society and nature, the company create and deliver high quality products. In partnership with leading certified producers they don’t hide his ambition to help people to be healthy and to courageously follow their dreams.

                                        Eucerin is a brand recommended by dermatologists for skin care, which is based on a thorough research. It maintains and restores skin and helps ensure a healthy and glowing skin.

                                          BULDENT Ltd. is a marketing and distribution company established in the dental and pharmaceutical sector. The company has contracts and maintains the assortment of all leading manufacturers of dental materials and supplies such as: 3M ESPE, GC, COLTENE, EMS, W & H, KERR HAWE, SPOFA DENTAL etc., and oral care products such as: LISTERINE, COLGATE, CURAPROX , YOTUEL and many others.

     PIERRE FABRE Oral Care
                                          Pierre Fabre Oral Care has been established as a European leader in oral hygiene and care over the past 40 years. The assortment of products is designed to satisfy all the needs of both consumers and dentists. In relation to the long-term consolidated positions of the company with dentists clinicians, Laboratories Pierre Fabre offer medical cosmetic solution or answer to all oral pathological problems in the oral cavity of each stage of the disease.


                                          Generic pharmaceutical company, part of the Novartis with widely represented product portfolio and leadership position in the market of generic pharmaceutical products in Central and Eastern Europe.


                                       Sanofi is a global healthcare company, offering comprehensive solutions focused on patients' needs. Much more than that to be a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Sanofi is committed to transforming scientific innovations into solutions and services that protect health, prolong life and meet the needs of the people.


                                      KRKA is specialized in the research, development, manufacture and supply of generic medicines. The company was founded in 1954 as a small laboratory in Slovenia, which employs nine persons staff. Today KRKA supplies products in more than 70 countries worldwide, all of which are produced in high-tech factories in Europe.

                                     Biotrade Bulgaria is a manufacturer of dermatology and cosmetics and for over 20 years is one of the most successful developing companies in this branch of the Bulgarian market. The offered products are intended for specific dermatological care, contain carefully selected active ingredients for maximum efficiency and minimal risk of side effects. They do not contain parabens and are hypoallergenic and non-commedonic. The cosmetics is with clinically proven efficiency and safety and can be found only in pharmacies.

                  Nobel Ilac Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S. was founded in 1964 in Istanbul, Turkey. Its principal activities are the production, distribution and marketing of medicinal products. The company is part of the international consortium ULKAR Holding. As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Turkey Nobel presents its products in the international market through its representations in more than 20 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and in many countries in Africa and Asia.

         Glaxo Smith Kline operates and invests in Bulgaria over 20 years. The company's activity is bound to provide quality and modern treatment of Bulgarian patients and the creation and maintenance of a fair, ethical and solid partnership with all stakeholders in the healthcare system.


    The company Novartis was created in 1996 after the merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz. Novartis and its predecessor companies have a history of over 250 years, with extensive experience in developing innovative products. From the initial production of synthetic dyes for textiles, companies that become Novartis expanded its operations with the production of chemicals and finally - of medicinal products.

                                    Bioshild is a company founded in 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its activity is closely related to the production of well-proven functional food additives and a series of cosmetic products with closely dermatological use. Over the years, "Bioshild" Ltd. collaborates with leading European and American pharmaceutical companies. The cosmetics line was developed by professionals with extensive experience - dermatologists and technologists.

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